Maintenance Crew

Our full time maintenance crew is a big part of our success. When you attend a spring training site you want to play on quality fields. When teams attend our program they are astounded by the conditions of the fields. Most coaches and players are taken back by what they see when they see the fields for the first time. We have heard comments like “unbelievable”, “as good if not better than professional parks”, and “I wish we had these fields back home.”

Each field is professionally manicured each day. Fields are watered and dragged each day, as well as, lined before each game. It doesn't rain much in St. Lucie County during March and April but when it does this is when the maintenance crew really shines. There have been times when it has rained 2 – 3 inches over night and by the afternoon we are playing baseball. Most other sites would just cancel the day, but because we have a great maintenance crew we are able to get ALL your games in. The goal of our maintenance crew is to enable each and every player the opportunity to perform their very best.

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