Where is Fort Pierce and St. Lucie County located in Florida?

St. Lucie County is located on the East Coast of Southern Florida.  We are appoximately 50 miles north of West Palm Beach.

How long has Florida Coast Spring Training been running?

Florida Coast Spring Training has been conducting spring trips for teams since 1980.

How can I enroll my team for Florida Coast Spring Training?

There are three easy ways to enroll at Florida Coast Spring Training...

Call us at (973) 691-0070 or our toll free number 1 (800) 433-6060 and provide a Visa or Master Card and deposit of $500.  Your team is guaranteed a spot. A confirmation will be emailed or mailed to you shortly thereafter.

Print up our application, fill out the necessary information and mail or fax the application with either a Visa, Master Card or Check/Money Order.

Register online with a Visa or Master Card paying only the deposit.  A final statement will be prepared once your total package has been determined.

What is the cancellation policy and deadline for cancellations if we are unable to attend?

Deposits are non refundable regardless of the circumstances.  No team however will ever lose it's deposit.  If for some reason your team cannot attend you will receive a credit for the following season.

Can an individual enroll at Florida Coast Spring Training?

Florida Coast Spring Training is primarily for teams only.  However, there is always one week when individual campers are welcome to attend.  This would be in February during the week of President's Day.

How many players stay in a room?

Our first class hotel partners allow for 2, 3, 4, or 5 per room accomodations.  Based on the hotel of choice, number of days and preferrence, you will be able to choose your desired arrangements.

How many games and practices will we have while at Florida Coast Spring Training?

The number of Games and Practices are determined by the head coach.  We will devise a schedule to meet each Coach's wants and needs.

Does Florida Coast Spring Training provide transportation to and from an airport?

While Florida Coast Spring Training does not pick up or drop of teams, we can offer recommendations on shuttle and van services for your teams to book individually.

Do we charge family and friends a fee to watch the games?

Unlike other Florida Spring Training camp programs, we DO NOT charge family and friends to attend any games.  All games are open to the public to enjoy and  spend the day at.

Can Florida Coast Spring Training help me with van or bus rentals?

Yes, please contact Vinny Carlesi at 973-691-0070 for recommendations on where to rent vans and with bus rentals.

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